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Become a Medical Marketing Outreach Coordinator

We’re looking to expand our team with an independent Medical Marketing Outreach Coordinator. 

As our Medical Marketing Outreach Coordinator, you’ll be responsible for cultivating partnerships by developing sponsorship/business arrangements and relationships with businesses, individuals, and other organizations to generate referrals and business.

This is the Medical Marketing Outreach Coordinator we’re looking for:

Your main focus is on the clients first. You care about creating trustworthy and personal relationships with our clients, and always have their interests at top of mind.

You have the educational and professional experience we’re looking for. You have a high school diploma or G.E.D., and we’d prefer that you have a bachelor’s degree. 3+ years of related experience is preferred as well, with marketing experience highly desirable.

You can set goals, and meet them. You establish clear expectations and continuously measure your performance. You’re always looking to improve your craft, and constantly changing the way you work. And, you can manage your time effectively, and make sure you’re never wasting time or money.

You don’t buckle under pressure. You don’t fear tight deadlines or rushed work. In fact, you embrace a challenge, and work best when the pressure’s on. In this job, you never know when your services might be needed, so you need to always be ready.

You understand the medical world, and know how to communicate. When it comes to speaking and writing, you know how to talk to people. A big part of your job will be corresponding between our agency and our medical clients, so we need someone who has a way with words. You also need to be proficient in Microsoft Office.

You can be trusted with confidential information. Sensitive personal info relating to the business practices of our agency, clients, and leads will be entrusted to you. We need someone we can trust with that, and ensure they’ll always operate with discretion when it comes to such information.

You can do it all—from logistics, to correspondence, financial reports, and printed materials. You can coordinate an event from start to finish no problem. You don’t need anyone but yourself to get the job done, and you’re always thinking outside the box in order to reach our goals.

As our Medical Marketing Outreach Coordinator, you’ll be the eyes and ears of our medical clients.

What you’ll be doing @ Cheddar:

  • Cold calling and making connections with doctor’s offices
  • Developing & implementing a comprehensive and innovative outreach plan.
  • Working to identify new potential individual, corporate, and other organization partners.
  • Determining potential partners through ongoing research and evaluation, and cultivating those prospects that best align with priorities and needs.
  • Developing concepts, gathering and formatting information, and preparing clear communications.
  • Researching and assisting in developing plans for expanding presence.
  • Maintaining current reports submitted to the Executive Board and Board of Directors.
  • Having fun while doing all of the above, with a creative team who loves what they do.

We’re looking for a Medical Marketing Outreach Coordinator who’s available full-time, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Expected salary is $36k to $45k a year plus commission (Based on previous experience)