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Social Media Marketing

computermobileSocial media websites are extremely popular and a great way to market your products or services. We specialize in grabbing the attention and interests of social media users and directing targeted advertisements to them in order to increase your website traffic, leads generation, and business!

With all social media posts, we monitor the audience demographics to see who show the most interest in your activity. We then use specialized targeting advertisements to get your products to your ideal consumer. We are experts at selecting your target audience and will always cater our advertisements to get you the most lead generation for your dollar.


  • Social Basic – This package is guaranteed to establish your social media presence, including the fundamentals of any social media marketing campaign
    • Includes: 3 posts a week on Facebook and Twitter
  • Social Presence – Ensure your name is known in your local market. Experience greatly increased activity, presence, engagement, and visibility.
    • Includes: 10 posts a week on Facebook and Twitter
  • Social Networked – Expand your network, make valuable connections, and push your company’s name even further with the enhanced packet which covers all the most popular social media platforms.
    • Includes: 5 posts a week on Facebook and Twitter, 5 posts a month on Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, and the creation of your LinkedIn account
  • Social Player – The comprehensive packet that makes your name resonate over the market. Ensure you are everyone’s go to company for their needs.
    • Includes: 15 posts a week on Facebook and Twitter, 15 posts a month on Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, and the creation of your LinkedIn account
  • Social Overload – The king of social media packets, The Overload allows you to crush the social media market. With high visibility and high activity your name will be in every home and on every mind.
    • Includes: 4 posts a day on Facebook and Twitter, 3 posts a day on Google+, 30 posts a month on Instagram and Pinterest, and the creation of your LinkedIn account

Social Media Platforms


  • Facebook – Facebook marketing gets your name known. We do two main types of posts, engaging and advertising. Engaging posts gets your page views, likes, and activity for easy retargeting. Advertising posts gets your brand recognized and your website more traffic.
  • Twitter – Typically posts are short because the audience jumps quickly from post to post. Designed to be simple and sweet, we create your twitter posts to get your name in people’s brain.
  • Google+ – This is Google’s play on social media. Posts are designed with an eye catching image to grab the audience’s attention and provide an interesting and informative text section to get them interested in your business and going to your website.
  • LinkedIn – Experience social media for business. We create, setup, and configure you a LinkedIn account that allows you to quickly and easily network with other businesses or potential employees with the press of a button.
  • Instagram – Instagram is visual social media. We design attention grabbing photos that will get people interested in your brand and products and clicking to your website, generating band recognition and engagement.
  • Pinterest – Social media for ideas, motivation, or interests, our Pinterest package is designed to give people inspiration from your brand, leading to increased recognition, traffic, and revenue.