Application development

application development

Cheddar is in the business of creating forward-thinking solutions that expand the possibilities for your business. Our application development is a clear illustration of that.
When we started this dream with only a coffee table and a laptop, we never imagined where it would take us. Today, we’re creating custom web, mobile, and e-commerce applications for leading industry brands that set the stage for heightened growth and user interaction. How do we do this?
With our trusty developers leading the way, the Cheddar team creates custom-coded applications that seamlessly integrate user-friendly interactions, clear messaging, and streamlined e-commerce functions into one simple place.

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Web applications

Web applications are an innovative way to enhance your user interface, customizable options, and business interactions right from your computer. Think of Google Docs or Microsoft 365 — instead of a single website that represents your brand, we can create an entire digital platform focused on customization and the user experience. With Cheddar custom web application development, we set a custom template, design, and layout that allows your brand to remain consistent across all media. And since we develop the app ourselves, we can continually update the back-end or front-end without requiring users to re-download the app. 


We’ve transitioned countless companies to the e-commerce world, giving them the power to create an online marketplace that brings them to the new age. And with Cheddar’s custom e-commerce applications, we take that evolution a step further. By introducing streamlined mobile and desktop apps that allow your business to directly sell services and products, your customer base’s path to conversion is opened up and freed from limitation. We can incorporate key product and service benefits, clear product photography, add-on options, and even a custom product builder that gives your customers the power to make it their own. With Cheddar’s custom e-commerce application development, the future of your business operations is reimagined.