Data analysis & CRM


Cheddar doesn’t just develop stunning digital solutions – we study, research, and analyze how those solutions are working, with complex data analysis and customer relationship management software, or CRM. 

Through our signature systematic and steadfast approach, each and every element of your digital presence is measured and evaluated. From Google Analytics evaluation to social media monitoring, our passionate team has the ability to translate cold, hard numbers into honest, accurate predictions. By developing a consistent research and data analysis method, and sticking to that method day in and day out, we can clue you into how your website, social media, and paid advertising is performing and improving over time. 

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a comprehensive digital platform that unifies every possible customer touchpoint in one place. Bringing together potential leads, customer info, and customer interactions, CRM enables your business to maintain a presence and increase engagement with the people who keep it running. As Denver experts in Zoho and Salesforce, we’ve helped countless small businesses, growing brands, and leading corporations optimize their customer relationships and boost profitability. 

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the spearhead of our data analysis process, giving us the ability to consolidate multiple digital avenues into one easily accessible platform. By implementing Google Analytics into your new website, we can read and research your digital presence and effectiveness in real-time. We can even set up your current website with Google Analytics to determine how it’s performing, what elements are working, and what areas need some help. With our SEO and data analysis experts on-hand, we can transform complex digital measurements into digestible business recommendations and insights that help you grow and reach your goals. And since Google is the leading creator of paid and social media, including Facebook and Google Ads (formerly Adwords), we can sync your multifaceted digital strategies together to see how they’re all contributing to your bottom line. We’ll look at nearly every element of your business through Analytics, including revenue, search term rankings (SEO), organic traffic, cost per click for paid ads, social media referrals, and the list goes on. 
Digital Footprint Analysis
Digital Footprint Analysis is an original analysis tool developed by us here at Cheddar that allows our experts to dive deep into your digital presence and evaluate how the world sees you. We can discover and decode your SEO tactics, web visibility, social media promotions, competitor presence, and even general relevance to determine your overall digital identity, or footprint. We’ll break down your Google presence, showing you what terms your website appears for in search results, and what it should. Then, we’ll show you other side of the coin, presenting your competitor’s keyword strengths and weaknesses to give you an idea of where you can outshine them. After that, we’ll round all of this data out with formal marketing recommendations for where you should take your business, and how we can take you there. And the best part of all? This unique digital analysis tool comes to you at the low, low cost of free.
Salesforce is widely considered to be the world’s #1 CRM platform, with good reason. Salesforce is a modern CRM web platform that offers elevated customer relationship management, allowing you to track all customer interactions from the initial interest meeting to the final deal closing. With customized tools including generic notes options, to phone number and address logs, and even related contacts consolidation, your business can connect with leads and customers in the most simplistic and streamlined way possible. Salesforce is the preferred choice for sales professionals across the globe, dominating the CRM market and setting the standards for all to follow. With constant modern updates and enhancements to the interface, you can rest easy knowing your business has the latest CRM technology and resources. And best of all, the Cheddar team is dually skilled in both Salesforce and Zoho, allowing us to set your business on the path to CRM success with either option. 


Zoho Customer Relationship Management is a leading cost-effective CRM tool for growing businesses and local brands across the country. By merging a user-friendly interface with valuable customer relationship tools, Zoho enables your business to foster new customer relationships, engage with current customers, and enhance all interactions across the board. Zoho is an affordable web CRM platform for lead and contact management, with a comprehensive customer database and lead center that gives your team the ability to easily connect with customers from all corners of the globe. Here at Cheddar, we’ll set up your new Zoho CRM software, show you how it works, and teach you how to help it evolve with your business. That way, your business has the unrivaled ability to connect with customers, learn who they are, and understand what they’re looking for. And since Zoho is a multifaceted marketing tool, we can even setup your Zoho with customer surveys, chat software, email promotions, and beyond to make the most out of your resources.