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The expertise of Cheddar lies in the fact that we can do it all. We truly are a full-service Denver digital advertising and creative agency. 

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Denver Website Design

Website Design

Custom website design is the bread and butter of Cheddar’s delicious grilled cheese. We believe in a comprehensive top-down approach, which means that if we’re driving traffic to your Denver business’s website, it better be worth the visit. We see your website as your digital headquarters, presenting your core business value and identity in the most eye-catching, yet true-to-form approach. Our goal is create a truly customized user experience that reflects your mission, services, products, and personality. Through intuitive web design and content creation using WordPress, WooCommerce, and SEO tactics, we’re able to transform and transcend the possibilities for your business’s website. And by focusing on clear and smooth site navigation, modern layout and design, enhanced user experience, and interesting, yet honest content, Cheddar websites are innovative, intuitive, and influential.


Cheddar web design can revolutionize:

  • the way your services and/or products are presented
  • the way your story is told
  • the way your target market views you
  • the way your revenue is captured & collected
  • the way new business is found & acquired
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Digital advertising

Denver Digital advertising is a staple solution for countless Cheddar partners. By using a healthy dose of paid marketing, your business’s website and unique value is positioned front-and-center. We fuse together the worlds of Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond to give your business its best shot at being seen by the people who matter most. Think of your Denver digital advertising as the RTD light rail system speeding through the city, but instead of passengers, we’re transporting your company’s message and value. And rather than a railroad, we’re using the vast reaches of the internet to deliver that message to the world and reach your target audience— with Cheddar in the driver’s seat.

Cheddar digital advertising can revolutionize:

  • the way your business is discovered
  • the way your social media platforms reflect your brand voice
  • the way your Google & Bing Ads drive business
  • the way your Youtube channel represents your value
  • the way your business looks from an outsider’s point-of-view
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Denver digital advertising

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a set standard here at Cheddar. We feel that if you’re going to create original web content, you might as well make sure people can, and will, read it. That’s where our Denver digital advertising & SEO practices come in. Since search engines are the primary way Denver businesses are discovered, it’s vital to appeal to a search engine’s complex set of rules and suggestions in order to get seen. Google is the leading search engine giant of the world, dictating and determining algorithms and best practices for all websites to follow. This includes a set word count, keyword usage, image tagging, and the list goes on. Don’t know what these things mean? Don’t worry, we do. We study these techniques and algorithms for a living, giving us the tools to create SEO-rich websites and content that ensure your website is easily found in targeted Denver search results.

Cheddar SEO can revolutionize:

  • the way your website is found in search results
  • the way your products are found in product suggestions
  • the way your website traffic is acquired
  • the way Google positions you within your market
  • the way customers choose you over the competition
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Data analysis & CRM

Data analysis and customer relationship management (CRM) is the method with which we gauge how our Denver digital advertising solutions are making an impact. By evaluating your digital presence on both a qualitative and quantitative spectrum, we’re able to weigh the measurable changes initiated by our strategies. With data analysis, we harness the power of such tools as Google Analytics, WooCommerce and digital footprint analysis to determine and track the measurable results of your new digital advertising and website — from web traffic, visit duration, and keyword positioning, to even revenue research and product performance. By using hard numbers to prove our theories, we’re able to make calculated moves to further progress your reach. With CRM, we create an accessible platform that allows customers to communicate with you, and allows you to understand them. Using leading CRM software like Zoho and Salesforce, we can setup a streamlined collection process where you can store contact information, potential leads, and even internal communications. From there, your Denver business now has a platform to foster and develop lasting relationships with your customers, giving you key insight into exactly who they are and what they want. 

Cheddar data analysis & CRM can revolutionize:

  • the weaknesses & strengths of your website/presence
  • the weaknesses & strengths of your digital advertising
  • the way your customers connect with you
  • the way future business opportunities are found
  • the way your business will continue to grow
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Application development

Cheddar can deliver intuitive, responsive applications that are designed around your vision. We can develop applications for mobile, including iOS and Android, as well as web. And when paired with our e-commerce integration techniques, we can create dynamic and effective applications that open up your customer’s path to conversion and encourage growth. Several Cheddar partners in Denver have relied on our custom applications to elevate customer experience and redefine expectations, changing the way their business operates. 

Cheddar applications can revolutionize:

  • the way your customers learn about you
  • the way your customers obtain services
  • the way your customers buy products
  • the way your business is perceived
  • the way your customers communicate 
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application development
Denver Branding Agency

Branding & identity

Here at Cheddar, we consider ourselves professional Denver digital advertising chameleons. Every day, we step into the shoes of a new business owner or brand, unraveling exactly who they are. Through open and honest discussion, creative brainstorming, and extensive research, we’re able to decode your unique value proposition and understand your story. And once we’ve locked that key info down, your brand’s voice and image can truly come to life. Through imaginative logo design, modern graphics, original copywriting, and cutting-edge video production, we’ll change the face of your Denver business (literally).  

Cheddar branding can revolutionize:

  • the way your business is recognized
  • the way your story is told
  • the way your unique value proposition is conveyed
  • the way your business is positioned
  • the way your business will grow in the future
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Above are 6 distinct and developed services Cheddar specializes in, but our reach truly knows no bounds. If your ideas exceed this list, don’t worry, so do ours. Get in touch with our Denver marketing pros today to see what Cheddar can do for you.

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