Cheddar’s imaginative approach to business branding gives a face to your name, and ensures that face reflects precisely who you are as company. From the initial stages of logo development to the final edits of video production, we handcraft a comprehensive brand identity that presents your unique perspective and value to the world.

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Logo design 

Cheddar is committed to creating custom logo designs that don’t just look professional and modern, but tell a deeper story. With the unrestricted freedom to brainstorm and strategize, we look at your company from all angles to determine the best overall tone and feeling we want to portray with a logo design. That means: developing color schemes that evoke your brand’s essence, typography or font that focuses on clean, yet powerful script, and a logo design that tells exactly who you are without saying a word. 

Graphic design

Along with an original logo design, our passionate designers will meld the worlds of art and advertising together to create unique graphic designs that mirror your logo’s new aesthetic. If you choose Cheddar for a new website, these designs will include modern infographics, banners, and splashes of color throughout your site. Or, if you choose us for a business brochure, deliverable, or other traditional medium, these graphics will meld the key content together to encourage interest and readability. And no matter what graphic design solution you choose from Cheddar, we’ll create a concrete guide of brand standards based on our designs, listing the colors, fonts, and layout choices we’ve developed.


Every great design needs a solid foundation of copywriting to support it. At the end of the day, we want to draw people in for the imaginative design, but we want them to stay there for the skillful copywriting. Throughout the graphic design process, our copywriters work hand-in-hand with our designers to develop a true message for your brand, crafting smart slogans, tactful taglines, and concentrated content. By focusing on staying true to your goals, while forging a unique brand personality that feels real and authentic, the Cheddar team is able to create complex copy that transports your value without coming across forced. 

Video production

Cheddar’s custom branded videos throw the worlds of design and copy into a blender and give it a spin. Our creative video production process gives us the freedom to set ideas in motion, creating modern graphics, custom effects, and original storyboards that propel your message along. Cheddar’s contemporary office space in Denver is not only home to our creative team, but our custom-built studio where we film clients in an intimate and laid-back environment. At this studio, we’ve filmed how-to videos, social media promotions, and original product videos. We’ve also collaborated with leading production companies on digital commercial campaigns, creating original storyboard concepts and scripts.