A modern Website Design should have 3 goals:

Be Found
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Your website should do three things for you and your organization.

Cheddar helps your brand connect to your customers through your web design’s user experience. Our team has developed websites since 1999, and in web years, that’s a bunch. In all of that time, we have learned one tried and true lesson. Your website is more than pictures and graphics; it is your biggest selling tool in today’s digital world and should be the foundation of your brand’s Digital Footprint. If you remember one thing after visiting our page, remember this: 

  • It should enable you to be found through organic search methods.
  • It should excite your visitors enough to stay and learn about what makes you unique. You know, your company’s Unique Value Proposition.
  • It should convert visitors into paying customers or inquiring prospects. 

Work with the award-winning Denver web design company, Cheddar Advertising.

Cheddar has the skill and passion to attack your web design project. We will write your copy (web content), designed your site, and perfect your brand’s color scheme. We do it every day for companies all across Colorado and the United States.

But first, we need you to answer one question. What do you want a new Denver website design to accomplish for you and your brand?

Although it’s a pretty simple question, at Cheddar, we know it’s importance. Just like that old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you are like many of our clients, you might answer with something to the effect of, “I want results!”
Results, for most of our clients, mean sales. Yet, in our experience, when a client asks for a new design, they are usually looking for something more.

Wants like:

Web Design Problem #1: 

80% of our business-related websites do not have a digital foundation for their brand and website.

In truth, more customers, conversion rates, beating your competition, a great looking brand, and being found on Google are all interrelated. Don’t make the same mistake most brands do and view their web design in a vacuum. Building a website in 2020 means laying the groundwork for what we like to call a digital footprint, and the bigger your footprint, the more visible you are. With more visibility comes good things.

Cheddar Advertising builds websites utilizing our Website Design Digital Footprint Principals.

What makes up a digital footprint?

  1. Is your website built for today’s modern market in terms of design and usability?
  2. Have you relevant search terms been indexed by Google?
  3. How many of your obtainable search terms rank on Google’s first page? 
  4. Is your website connected to Google My Business (GMB)?
  5. Do you have trustworthy NAPs pointing at your website?
  6. What is the quality and quantity of your backlinks?
  7. Do you have social proof? How are your social media followings? Will a client be impressed when they look at what you have?
  8. Do you have a clear and understandable Unique Value Proposition on your website?
  9. How fast is your Denver website?
  10. How deep is the content your website?
  11. How do you top competitors compare to your website?

Our Professional Denver Web Design Services Include Our Original Digital Footprint Blueprint.

Learn about our 10 step process plus our design guarantee.

Before we begin your Denver web design project, we want to talk to all of your stakeholders on this project to discuss everyone’s wants and needs. You will be introduced to your project team during your initial creative meeting. Each Cheddar Advertising creative team consists of a web designer, a copywriter, and a project manager. You and your new creative team will review timelines, project to-do’s, and checklists. Don’t worry; you’ll be in good hands.

Whether you want a fresh new logo for your website and company, or you want a subtle update to your brand’s color scheme, we will offer you multiple versions and options until you find the perfect fit. If your perfect logo design is beyond improvement, awesome, we’ll incorporate that into your new wonderful website.

Your website’s sales copy needs to accomplish two tasks. One, it needs to speak to your readers and convince them to contact you or buy your product. Persuasive sales copy is an art as old as the written word, but in Google’s digital world, one must also account for your sacred SEO rankings. You can have the most beautiful sales prose, but if Google doesn’t index it correctly, your website will never be found. The second task is to ensure your written sales copy persuades the human reader, and Google’s natural language processing AI, named Rank Brain. So, conversely, if you have solid SEO, but the copy does not address the readers’ needs, you have lost a sale. Our copywriters exist in the Venn diagram, where both worlds intersect. Your website will SEO ready from day one.

4a. Mobile Responsive Design

Your website will be practical and beautiful on all platform screens. This fact is vital because your customers will use all of their internet-enabled devices to research one company or solution. Our data shows that a customer may find your website using their cell phone, look again on their tablet while watching Netflix, and finally complete their buying decision later at their desktop.

Your website must look beautiful on all devices. Cheddar can hit all corners of your audience and simplify their web experience. With straightforward calls-to-action, e-commerce, and imagery that’s easily translated to mobile, we can adapt all of your marketing goals for the modern age. See what SEM Rush has to say about Mobile Responsive Design.

4b. Optimized for Conversions:

By streamlining the user experience for your prospective customers, we can create a smooth conversion process that translates to big sales for your business. Converting clients is our bottom line, so we use all tools available to ensure that users will purchase your goods and services. By using the newest and most effective conversion tactics on your site, we can increase your conversion rates and boost awareness. Don’t take our word for it, see what world famous Neil Patel has to say about Conversion Optimization. 

4c. Product Viewing Optimization:

The essential part of your process is the end product. Because of this, we want potential consumers to be able to understand your product or service. We want your customers to know they can trust what you’re offering. By increasing the visibility and transparency of your products on all platforms, we can instill trust and understanding with users. With straightforward, yet unique product photography, descriptions, specifications, and more, we can establish an open relationship with your customer base, helping to increase potential sales and positive reviews.

One day you will want to run Social Media Marketing Ads for only people who have visited your website. In preparation for this, Cheddar will insert all your relevant tracking cookies into your website from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. This way, you can serve ads to people who are familiar with your company or brand. Learn more about social media advertising.

All of your future digital business decisions should be data-driven. Google Analytics is the standard tracking platform for websites and web-driven applications. Cheddar Advertising ensures that the Google Analytics tracking code is on all of the pages of your website. You will have real-time and historical data like the number of visits, unique visitors, time on your site, and the number of pages a user visited, just to name a few. Learn more about Google Analytics.

Whether we are building an eCommerce website from the ground up and need product photography, or you need pictures of your staff highlighted and photoshopped, Cheddar’s in house design team will make you and your product visually appealing. 

8. Optional Brandkit

Your brand kit is a guide on how your brand’s logo, colors, marks, and taglines should m be officially used. Give your brand kit to your social team, outsourced ad team, or any stakeholder that has an interest in your success. It ensures everyone is on the same branding page. 

Denver Website Design

9. The Reveal

After about thirty day’s our Cheddar Creative team would have dreamed, sketched, written, and built you a robust website that not only looks beautiful but converts visitors into paying customers. Once your web design has passed our internal inspections, we set a date to reveal it to you. Your assigned creative team will walk you through every page and explain why they made specific design and copy choices. After you approve of your new website, we launch!


10. 30 Day Design Guarantee 

Just like your business or brand, your website is an organic, ever-expanding digital asset. What you might like today could change tomorrow. That is why we provide a 30-day design guarantee. Cheddar will modify any aspect of your new website at no additional charge 30 days past your official launch. Your satisfaction is our promise.

Other Custom Web Design Considerations:

WordPress development

Cheddar is a WordPress development agency, which means that we exclusively create all of our custom sites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) in the US — think of it like the Google of website building platforms. Since WordPress is the head honcho of CMS platforms, it is the most updated and evolved platform there is. And since we’re the big cheese, we’re experts in all things WordPress. Every member of our creative team is well-versed in WordPress website design, from graphic designers to media specialists and even copywriters, and this isn’t an accident. We’ve ensured our entire team understands the ins and outs of this platform so that we’re able to work collaboratively and contribute equally. Our web design pros are the captain of the ship, though, creating truly original website designs that evoke a sense of trust, understanding, and wonder. With original product photography, inventive color schemes, modern typography, and dynamic moving elements, we don’t just create a pretty site — we craft a responsive viewing experience. 

SEO content creation

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the backbone that keeps our eclectic website designs afloat. To ensure users get to experience the fascination your new site will undoubtedly bring, we have to make sure they can find you easily. Using a calculated approach to our SEO practices, we can create original content that Google finds to be relevant and appealing for your market, giving your site a little boost to the top page of Google results. How do we make this happen? Well it starts with some good ole fashioned research. Our SEO strategists use Google Ads tools and competitor research to determine not only the most popular search terms within your product category, but the most effective. From there, our SEO writers craft original SEO-rich content that is conversational, creative, and packed full of those search terms. Once our writers have dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s, our designers lay it all out in a readable, yet refreshing way so that users are sure to keep on scrolling, and eventually, converting.

E-commerce integration

E-commerce is how business is run in the 21st century, and Cheddar is how businesses get it running. We’ve personally transitioned countless clients throughout the Southwest to the world of E-commerce, giving them the tools to build revenue and clientele from anywhere. We’ll set up your E-commerce functionality through WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that enables us to build selling capabilities directly into your site without sacrificing modernism and style. Our team can shoot product photography right here at our in-house studio, and write original product descriptions that get your key benefits and features across. We can take this all a step further with custom add-ons like product reviews, coupon codes, and even eGift cards that allow your customers to engage with your products and get rewarded for it. And don’t forget the king to rule them all: Amazon. Cheddar also can help you create online Amazon marketplaces and merchant account, giving you the power to be seen by a massive and ever-growing customer base. And once your E-commerce functions are fully integrated, we can begin collecting and compiling sales data to determine where there’s room for product growth and website development.

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