Website design

website design

Denver companies choose Cheddar for our innovative and honest approach to website design. We believe in an exhaustive top-down approach to your digital presence, and that approach starts with a stellar, yet simple site. From the early stages of strategy to the final link checks and copy edits, Cheddar doesn’t cut any corners with our original stages of website design, but we also don’t waste your time. We deliver stunning sites at competitive prices, helping your business reach new heights and unlocked potential. 

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website design

WordPress development

Cheddar is a WordPress development agency, which means that we exclusively create all of our custom sites using the WordPress platform. WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) in the US — think of it like the Google of website building platforms. Since WordPress is the head honcho of CMS platforms, it is the most updated and evolved platform there is. And since we’re the big cheese, we’re experts in all things WordPress. Every member of our creative team is well-versed in WordPress website design, from graphic designers to media specialists and even copywriters, and this isn’t an accident. We’ve ensured our entire team understands the ins and outs of this platform so that we’re able to work collaboratively and contribute equally. Our web design pros are the captain of the ship, though, creating truly original website designs that evoke a sense of trust, understanding, and wonder. With original product photography, inventive color schemes, modern typography, and dynamic moving elements, we don’t just create a pretty site — we craft a responsive viewing experience. 

Design is Everything

SEO content creation

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the backbone that keeps our eclectic website designs afloat. To ensure users get to experience the fascination your new site will undoubtedly bring, we have to make sure they can find you easily. Using a calculated approach to our SEO practices, we can create original content that Google finds to be relevant and appealing for your market, giving your site a little boost to the top page of Google results. How do we make this happen? Well it starts with some good ole fashioned research. Our SEO strategists use Google Ads tools and competitor research to determine not only the most popular search terms within your product category, but the most effective. From there, our SEO writers craft original SEO-rich content that is conversational, creative, and packed full of those search terms. Once our writers have dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s, our designers lay it all out in a readable, yet refreshing way so that users are sure to keep on scrolling, and eventually, converting.
website design
logo design

E-commerce integration

E-commerce is how business is run in the 21st century, and Cheddar is how businesses get it running. We’ve personally transitioned countless clients throughout the Southwest to the world of E-commerce, giving them the tools to build revenue and clientele from anywhere. We’ll set up your E-commerce functionality through WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that enables us to build selling capabilities directly into your site without sacrificing modernism and style. Our team can shoot product photography right here at our in-house studio, and write original product descriptions that get your key benefits and features across. We can take this all a step further with custom add-ons like product reviews, coupon codes, and even eGift cards that allow your customers to engage with your products and get rewarded for it. And don’t forget the king to rule them all: Amazon. Cheddar also can help you create online Amazon marketplaces and merchant account, giving you the power to be seen by a massive and ever-growing customer base. And once your E-commerce functions are fully integrated, we can begin collecting and compiling sales data to determine where there’s room for product growth and website development.