Our culture

Here at Cheddar, we’re constantly evolving the way we think, work, and function as an agency. By recognizing that the world is always changing, we allow ourselves to change with it. And by doing that, we give your business the best chance it has to be seen in this ever-growing digital age.

Forget the newspapers and phonebooks.

We’re using tablets, smartphones, and laptops to locate companies today.

  • Does your company have the right website?

  • Is your web presence generating buzz?

  • Are people using social media to engage with your company?

  • In short, are you maximizing your “digital footprint”?

We know how to put your business on the digital map. Our comprehensive strategies can help increase your profitability, visibility, and potential. Bottom line: We’ll get you to the forefront of your market, and make you some cheddar while we’re at it. 

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Client-Centered Goals

Cheddar Advertising has many goals for you, the most important of which is your success. When you work with Cheddar Advertising, you’re signing on with an entire team of driven, dedicated, motivated, and strategic individuals. As a member of the Cheddar family, your priorities become our top priorities. Like you, we’re a business that was built on a dream and a passion, which is why we’re personally invested in your needs first. 

Rock solid practices

Our digital marketing methods focus on profitability, SEO best practices, and open collaboration. The Cheddar team will analyze, assess, and diagnose your business needs with a keen critical eye. By sticking with our methodical approach, we’re able to clearly detect the cost-effectiveness and potential exposure of a project before it even begins. From there, we’ll recommend packages that save you time & money, and generate that sweet sweet cheddar.

Fluid collaboration

Our marketing team understands that your company is a manifestation of your unique vision, because that’s exactly what Cheddar is for us. We work alongside you in a loyal and equal partnership that is dedicated to honoring your vision. Using proven digital marketing methods and strategies, we develop and expand that vision to optimize your digital presence and maximize your profitability.

Accessibility & agency

The digital world is complex and ever-changing, and we want you to feel like you belong. Once your digital solution is completed, we can explain everything you want to know about maintaining your online platform. If you want to work independently on your web presence, you have the opportunity. If you want to update your social media space, we can make it happen. If you want to generate your own content, we’ll show you how. Our process is your process: no secrets, no tricks, no ego. As we’ve said before, goal no. 1 of Cheddar is your success.

Authenticity & transparency

Unlike our competitors, we will never mislead you or attempt to sell you packages that you don’t need, can’t afford, or won’t measurably benefit your business. Our process is original, our consultations are thorough, our practices are proven, and our communications are honest. Cheddar prides itself on being the digital advertising agency in Denver that you can trust.

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