Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Denver digital advertising

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the tool that skyrockets up-and-coming brands into the global stratosphere, and Cheddar is the fuel that gets them there. SEO is a calculated strategy of infusing relevant search terms and technical practices throughout your web pages to get noticed by Google, and eventually, lead in search results for that set of terms. And with Cheddar’s SEO solutions as your secret weapon, we can provide authentic, unfiltered advice and real, measurable results that bring about business success. 

SEO research

Intensive SEO research is where it all starts. With our in-depth approach to SEO research, we take a deeper look at your industry competitors’ SEO strategies, and what specific search terms they’re using. Using this approach, we can effectively compare your business to your competitors and see where you can outshine them, setting you on a path to industry dominance and success. Apart from competitor research, we also set our eyes on the newest Google updates and algorithm changes. Every day, we’re studying the newest Google algorithm updates, content marketing developments, and changes in search trends to ensure your business is found and recognized across the board. By staying on top of the newest developments in the industry and harnessing the power of that knowledge through our content creation, your business’s website can be easily discovered and embraced by a wider customer base. To get started on your SEO journey, get in touch with the Cheddar team to schedule a free Digital Footprint Analysis that evaluates your digital presence and shows you where there’s room for growth. 

Copywriting for SEO

Original SEO content creation is a service many Denver agencies claim to offer, but don’t often know the inner workings of it like Cheddar does. Because we’re a full-service digital and creative agency, we know that the SEO research we put behind our content is only as good as the content itself. And since our copywriters are true creatives at heart, they’re experts in melding the worlds of technical SEO and compelling copy together for a truly original end product. 
Cheddar’s SEO copy is focused on packing a dense amount of strategic search terms without it dominating the content entirely. The goal is to effortlessly sprinkle these relevant key terms throughout the span of a creative content piece without the reader even noticing they’re there. For example, there are several appearances of a targeted key term within this copy itself  did you notice? And if so, can you identify what that key term is? It could be the very term that you searched, bringing you to this page. That’s the power of Cheddar SEO writing

Web design for SEO

Designing web pages for SEO is just as vital as writing them for it. Once our copywriters pass over your original SEO-rich content, our web designers ensure the content is laid out in such a way to encourage users to keep on reading. By creating dynamic layouts and original designs, potential customers are drawn into the content, increasing their time on the page, which is a key contributing factor to Google’s search results. The longer they stay, the higher you rise in search results. 
In addition to a breathable and fluid page layout, our web designers ensure that any included images are tagged with the same search terms as the content to propel your site’s images into Google’s image results. And after they’ve developed a truly all-encompassing SEO design, they’ll add a few minor technical toppings, including a meta description, focus keyword, and SEO title, which is the little blurb of wording Google features in your web page’s listed search results. The recipe for our SEO success is simple: Follow Google’s standards, keep the user interested, and stay true to who you are as a business. With this delicious and consistent mix, Cheddar’s SEO solutions are sure to have people coming back for seconds.