Digital advertising

Cheddar’s expertly developed digital advertising tactics are what drive your Denver business into the forefront of your industry, providing the visibility and exposure your company deserves. From Google Ads campaigns to native social media posts, Youtube pre-roll ads, and beyond, Cheddar’s paid marketing tactics enable your business to be seen in the right places, by the right people.

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digital advertising

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a must for any business trying to connect with its audience, and Cheddar’s social media marketing is a must for any business trying to do that well. With our multifaceted creative team on board, your various social media platforms will become consolidated, unified, and effective. 

Facebook Digital Advertising


We’ll start first with Facebook, which is considered the leading social media platform for brand marketing by many. We’ll create custom target audiences based on key demographics, interests, and locations. Then, we’ll craft original content composed of charming copy, bright and bold graphics, and relatable concepts that catch that audience’s interest, and drive all of that interest to your website.
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Instagram is quickly becoming the new social media powerhouse of the world, with a predominant interest among younger audiences. If you’re a brand who’s hoping to connect with a younger customer base, Instagram posts and ads are a surefire way to get there. From native posts, to tagged photos, sponsored ads, and even stories, Instagram is the emerging way to get discovered as a brand. 
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Instagram Advertising 

Twitter Advertising


Twitter is a flexible social media format where you can connect with a wider audience base and offer a more laid-back peek into your brand. Instead of merely focusing on displaying products, services, and your value to the world, you can craft an original brand personality, chock-full of humor, quirks, and trending topics. Look at the twitter accounts of leading food & beverage brands, and even retail brands, and you’ll notice a focus on being relatable and raw versus selling product. Basically, this is where your brand voice gets to chill out after a long day at work.
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Pinterest is ideal for brands with a focus on home decor/improvement, health, food and beverage, or fashion. Using this visual collage tool, we can craft original Pinterest boards that inspire others to use your product in new and innovative ways. And like all other social media formats, Pinterest offers an advertising option that allows us to create sponsored ads that appear when users show interest in topics similar to your product/service category. By creating a comprehensive Pinterest presence that combines direct branding and inspiring ideas, we appeal to an authentic audience who deeply connects to your brand, encouraging customer loyalty. 
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Pinterest Advertising

YouTube Advertising


Youtube is now revered as a global media platform, transcending the limits of social media and rising into the ranks of traditional media. Top youtube channels can have 10+ million subscribers tuning into their online videos, making the possibilities for digital advertising exposure unimaginable. With Cheddar on your side, we can create modern and professional videos focused on branding, promotions, products, and company stories, and post them directly to the Youtube channel we set up for you. From there, we can enroll your channel in the Youtube advertising program, and promote that video on leading channels. We’ve all seen the pre-roll and mid-roll ads before our favorite videos, and many may click away once that “skip ad” button appears. But believe it or not, Youtube advertising is the most effective video marketing format among top marketers, according to a 2018 Wyzowl report. Get your well-deserved piece of the pie (preferably with cheese on top) and begin your Youtube advertising with Cheddar. 
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